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Harm Reduction During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Alt: Two doodles wearing masks have a socially distanced picnic outdoors. As health communicators, we know that the best way to keep COVID-19 from spreading is (still!) to stay home. But we also know that with states and communities reopening, people will be venturing out more — and that means it’s time to talk about harm reduction. In the case of COVID-19, of course we’ll continue to tell people that the safest choice is to stay home. But we also need to help people stay safer when do they go out. And we need to acknowledge that for many people, staying home isn’t an option. Essential workers — and now, in many states, non-essential workers — have to leave their homes or risk losing their paychecks. People nationwide are also heading out to protest another public health […]

June 19, 20200 comments
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